Outline the Primary Skills Used in Counselling Relationships

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Outline The Primary Skills Used In Counselling Relationships When planning this essay I assumed that I would just produce a narrative of the primary skills and how they can enhance any counselling relationship but after some thought I felt that for the sake of congruence, ‘a core condition’, along side that narrative I would relate it to my own learning experience. I came to the CPPD thinking that if I wanted to be a therapist, then trying to find a solution to my client’s problems was my only goal. I gave little thought of how I would achieve this and even less thought or credence to the relationship I would have with the client and what power that relationship holds. I have since discovered that we should try and treat the…show more content…
I realize that without these conditions whatever time I spend with clients will be of little use or benefit to them. If I can establish a relationship based around these three values, or even just one, my clients should make progress. Understanding this concept has taken my vision of myself as a therapist far from the problem solver and advice giver I first had and much closer to a counsellor I’d like to be. Realising that just one of these values adhered to can in time achieve progress, has gone a long way to allaying some fears I have of not being able to help. Empathy Rogers refers to empathy as a “sensitive ability to see his world and himself as he sees them.“ I have learnt that if I can in any small way ‘walk in another’s moccasins’ I will enhance my understanding of them and the way they view the world. Empathy is not to be confused with sympathy, which is about my own feelings and thoughts and not the clients. When I truly see my client’s world, my reactions and responses will indicate to them that at the very least they are being listened to. If I can acknowledge and then lay aside whatever the subject matter brings up in me, I can then see more clearly what is happening in my clients world. Even if I am unable to comprehend or understand fully what they are seeing, the act of trying can be construed as supportive and will enhance the relationship between us. Congruence In the quote used, Rogers describes Congruence as a “genuineness and
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