Outline the Responsiblities of the Different Levels of Government in the Uk.

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The central government is normally located in the capital city; which in our case it’s London. The central government runs the whole country by taking up the most important responsibilities that any other government levels in the UK has. These responsibilities are making new laws, signing agreements with the other nations and also defending the nation. The central government has these responsibilities as it’s the main government within the UK and it contains the 3 political institutions which make up parliament which are: the House of Commons, and the House of Lords and the monarch. These institutions work together. The house of commons creates new laws which they feel will work well for the British community. The house of lords has a…show more content…
This puts a lot of pressure on the public services as they want to meet there set time and not face life changing outcomes for not being on target. Local authorities such as the county and city councils have roles such as education, libraries, public transport, emergency planning which will contribute in more of the latest technology resources which will help the people of illness or of people who need immediate medical attention; this will help services throughout a city or a county. Planning and development to improve on the communities appearance; this will make the people in the society love the place where they live which may lead to less criminal damage. Also fire and public safety and waste management and trading standards. Councils make decisions on the situations within the community; they do this by holding council meetings to discuss what needs to be done to help the society. Members of the public are allowed to attend the meetings so they have first hearing of the decisions discussed than those who don’t attend. All decisions the council make in these meeting must be later published. In my opinion I would say that local authorities are a good thing to have as they can focus on small communities than looking at things as a whole country, otherwise no problems within a community will be solved. I think there should be no improvements for local authorities as they tackle all areas that need improving in the community. Local authorities help the public

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