Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare, and the role of regulatory bodies.

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CYPOP 5 - Understand how to set-up a home-based childcare service Assessment 1.1 Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare, and the role of regulatory bodies. Below are the current legislations covering home based childcare: 1. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) The United Nations convention on the rights of the child is to promote all aspects for the care, development and education of children, non discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion, disability, language, ethnic/social origin, civil and political rights, economic, social, cultural and protective rights. Particularly relevant for home based childcare is Article 31 that states that all children have the right to…show more content…
Childminders must have a written statement of procedures to be followed in relation to complaints which relate to the requirements of the Childcare Register and which a parent makes in writing or by email. Childminders must keep a written record, for a period of three years, of these complaints including the outcome of the investigation and the action the provider took in response. Childminders must make available to Ofsted, on request, a summary of complaints made in relation to the requirements during the past 12 months and the action that was taken as a consequence. Childminders must ensure the premises and equipment used for the purposes of childcare are safe and suitable and must undertake a risk assessment of the premises and equipment at least once in each calendar year. Childminders must ensure that all necessary measures are taken to minimise any identified risks. 5. Children and Young Persons Act (2008) This Children and Young Persons Act (2008) increases quality of care for children and young people up to the age of 18years old, ensuring every child’s voice is heard. 6. Coroners and Justice Act (2009) 7. The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 changed the laws on criminal justice. It applies to home based childcare in terms of the act making it illegal to own pornographic pictures depicting under-18’s participating in sexual activities, or depictions of sexual activity in the presence of someone under 18. 8. Apprenticeships, Skills,
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