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Part 1- P2 (500 words)-Outlining the overall structure of the social care sector. Social Care services sector’s role is to deliver social care systems which offer care equality for all individuals, while allowing people to retain their independence, dignity and control. During the past 20 years the need for social care services in the UK slightly increased. This is mainly due to demographic factors such as an increasing aging population. Therefore this means that more care and residential care homes are needed. Also, a number of women with small children, who decided to come back to work, is growing. This means that there is a need for new nursery and pre-schools, which would look after the children. Britain has a mixed economy of care…show more content…
They are often those who fill the gap which was left by other sectors. They usually concentrate more on social care rather than on health sector e.g. their role is to help poor people in need. Examples of them are: Red Cross, Oxfam, and British Heart Foundation. Social Care services can be accessed by using referrals. There are 3 different types of referrals: self-referral, professional referral and third party referral, each of them involves different process. Self-referral is when individuals suspects by themselves that they have some problems with their social issues. Therefore, they self-refer to a social care specialist in order to receive the help and support that they need. Professional referral is when a service user already contacted or used the service; however if the professional suspects any kind of underlying health problem, the patient will be referred directly to another professional. For example if the social worker suspects a child abuse in the family, he/she may refer the child to a counsellor or psychologist to sort out the problem. Third party referral, is when a non-professional person such as relative, friend or neighbour contacts with the services in order to help the individual they know about. For example the resident of the residential care home may be referred by the home manager to see a social worker. When an individual is trying to access a social care services she/he may face some barriers which stops them from

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