Outlook 2015 For The Ict Sector

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Outlook 2015 for the ICT sector Definition Information and Communication Technology is defined as convergence of audio-visual and telephone networks with computer networks using a link system. There is a cost savings due to merge of telephone network with the computer network system using a single unified system of cabling, signal distribution and management. Outlook 2015 Current Information and Communication technology includes big data, the cloud, mobile communication, and social media. These ICT developments marked latest trends in ICT, and promise to bring enormous potential improvement in ICT industry in future. These developments will further pass to a whole range of industries and sectors that leverage ICT. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) get increasingly integrated and embedded into our everyday environment. By becoming connected and intelligent, today 's ICT systems evolve to cyber-physical systems. ICT gained importance in almost all mainstream sectors of economy, this represent a great opportunity by resolving not only host of social issues—providing more efficient management of social infrastructure but also tackling other social issues like education, environment, etc. The long-standing ICT devices were linked to our Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc. But evolution of technology is making ICT as a core of future Smart Cities - Smart transportation, Smart Homes, Smart offices, etc. Also connecting everything with Internet “Internet of things” is
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