Outpatient Care Services ( Osc ) Faces Difficult Challenges

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Outpatient Care Services (OSC) faces difficult challenges. The case describes numerous issues in service delivery coupled with a changing health care system landscape. Some of these challenges are external, such as a high unemployment and an uninsured segment of the population. Other challenges are internal such as resistance to change, poor interprofessional collaboration and a lack of cultural competency. Additionally, patient surveys indicate a lack of professionalism and empathy among staff. Finally, the director has limited experience and training in this setting that will make these challenges even more difficult to manage. This discussion will focus on some of the forces behind these challenges and ways that Dr. Adams can work to overcome them. OCS is facing external pressure to improve patient services. These forces come from a variety of sources, but payers such as Medicare and Medicaid are providing some of the greatest pressure. The U.S. spends more on health per capita than any other industrialized nation, yet continues to have worse outcomes than most comparable countries (Davis, Stremikis & Schoen, 2014). This realization has been the force behind public health policy change where the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is moving towards payment based on outcomes and quality rather than volume. The intention is that providers are rewarded for better outcomes and the result will be lower costs. This effort is demonstrated in the Accountable Care
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