Outpatient Care Vs. Inpatient Care

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Chapter 6 Outpatient vs Inpatient Care in Fibromyalgia Treatment Fibromyalgia Outpatient Care Fibromyalgia (FM) patients with mild to chronic cases do not need to remain in the hospital. These patients can stay in the home environment and perform almost all usual tasks. The patient can enroll in a restorative care program that gives support and services for recovery. These programs typically last about eight weeks, focusing on the treatment of the symptoms. Along with medical care, educational information is given to the patient. The program encourages the patient to perform self-management techniques, helping deal with the symptoms of the illness and the psychiatric and psychological effects the disorder causes. The program is based on physical therapy, integrating education, exercise, aquatic therapy, tai chi, and neural integration. The exercises are from the American College of Rheumathology and focus on alleviating pain and fatigue and is geared towards improving sleep and mood quality. The aquatic therapy is great for patients who fear exercises that require strain and exacerbate their pain. Tai chi and neural integration therapy reduce symptoms of FM and increase flexibility, balance, and strength and provide improvement in quality of life. The program team is composed of physicians and physical therapists. The medical department at the University of Pittsburgh developed an “animal-assisted therapy” study using dogs. The dogs were trained to help the patient and the
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