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Your final project will be to analyze, design, and document a simple program that utilizes a good design process and incorporates sequential, selection and repetitive programming statements as well as at least one function call and the use of at least one array. The specific problem you need to solve for the final project is: Design a program that will allow a user to Input a list of your family members along with their age and state where they reside. Determine and print the average age of your family and print the names of anyone who live in Texas. 1. Problem definition: Design a program that will allow a…show more content…
1 c) Write the assumptions and limitations and how they will be handled in your project.
Ans 1c)

In my project, there are numerous assumptions and limitations that are being handled in the pseudo code. First of all, this program is only designed to calculate the average age of all the family members that the user will input. There is no other calculation that the program has been designed to do. Secondly, the program does not give the user any option or chance to return to inputting more family members if they forgot to do so at the beginning. This program was not designed to have a set limit to how many inputs the user could enter. This list could keep going on and on. This program is created to calculate and display both the Average age of family Members and the residents who live in Texas. If the user wanted to display just one of the results, the user would have to do the whole program just to get one of the results. This is being handled by the pseudo code only being able to handle the calculations that are set. The user does not have the ability to let the program know how many family members will be entered before the user begins. To handle that, the Count function is being used in the psuedocode to obtain the correct output.

1 d) Provide an alternative analysis and design approach showing a different way to solve the same problem definition of family member in Texas. As you have learned, a single problem can be solved in more
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