Outputs of the Order Process Essay

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1. The outputs of the order process are reports of credit holds, customer invoice when product is delivered and paid for, processing the product order, inventory check (product availability), shipping instructions, and reports of back orders.
The Diagram:

The diagram starts off with one of the business processes called sales. A customer faxes, mails or calls in an order to the company. The order is taken down by a representative who manually takes down mandatory information required for the order on an order pad, such as: customer name, customer identification number shipping/billing address, product number, product description, quantity, and shipping instructions. All
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If a company is selling a product and customer satisfaction is low the ability for the marketing department would be difficult. This would make it harder for the marketing department to expand the company’s growth. In essence a bad reputation would hurt their business as this would lower their ability to stay completive with other companies that offer better services.

3. The process that can be made more efficient is the communication process between across all business process mainly an IT system “Information systems automate different steps that were normally done manually”. The existing order process could be made more efficient if the firm implemented the use of a fully integrated information system organization wide. The order process would improve and move faster if there were less cross checks and more automation. An example of this would be checking the client’s credit, writing invoices would be made obsolete. A good information system would allow information to flow through all the business process as individuals and business processes would be able to access the information needed to make informed business decisions. A good IT infrastructure would take sequential step and allow processes to be done simultaneously while in the same sequence. As a result, the company would become more profitable as they would continue to remain competitive with other companies that
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