Outrage : An Emotion That I Found Myself Feeling Essay

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Outrage: an emotion that I found myself feeling throughout high school; an emotion that often fell upon me my freshman year in English I Honors with Mr. Peterson. I was young. I was immature. This rage was, for the most part, directed towards him because I felt that I was hardly learning anything of importance, that we spent too much time with our nose in books and in pointless stapled printed-out short stories that hardly interested me, that I was not getting the grades I thought I so deserved. We would spend days, upon days learning and reviewing writing conventions and structure, basic knowledge that I did not think would benefit me in the long run. Mr. Peterson’s curriculum was not all that outraged my fourteen-year-old self. When I began high school, I fell out of love with literature and writing. Pre-high school, I would read and write all the time. I had a boundless imagination that would lead to endless creative stories ranging from topics of romance and adventure to horror and tragedy. Then I got to high school, the land of long and complex readings, expository essays and research papers that were far too lengthy for my liking. At this point, I found it hard to connect with literature or writing; I felt like I had hit a brick wall and my creativity left out to dry. Mr. Peterson’s assignment’s did nothing but add fuel to my fire. Freshman year went by slowly, but towards the end I found that Mr. Peterson and his English class were growing on me; not to a point of
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