Outreach Coordinator for Christ UMC

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Volunteerism and willingness to serve others are magnificent character traits to discover while growing up. If one is involved with such activities, they will be able to contribute to society as a whole and “leave a mark” on the world for the better. However, such activities would not be available without the assistance of an outreach coordinator. Such people prepare service projects for the community, non-profit organization, or church in hopes of spreading good will among those affected by these actions. They also must be available to offer support to individuals who walk in and require the outreach coordinator’s services. Jeanna-Mar Simmons, a family friend, generously allowed me to shadow her on April 24, 2014. This wonderful lady is the outreach coordinator for Christ United Methodist Church. During my shadow, I was able to discover the intricacies of the organization behind all the service projects I participate in on a regular basis as well as learn about her relationship with God and how it intertwines with her work and the environment at the church. As the outreach coordinator for Christ UMC, Jeanna-Mar researches worthy causes for the church members to invest in, resources various items sent to her, and counsels individuals and recommends them to additional programs where they can receive more help. Currently, Jeanna-Mar has been working at this job for three years and can see herself in this career until her retirement. However, in less than ten years she does

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