Outreach In Middle School

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This year was a struggle at first, but out of the struggle I built perseverance and I grew in these 3 categories. The first one was I grew in a stronger relationship with God. I also grew in academic skills and my ability to communicate my faith to others in my class, even the whole school and sometimes people I didn’t know. I pray for the reader of this essay that they will be touched by it.

This year my relationship with God grew in such amazing ways! One of these ways was giving things to God in times of trials. At the beginning of the year I would get anxious a lot about getting my work done. I’d also think that if I didn’t get it done than my teachers would either yell at me or I would get embarrassed by them. When I got anxious
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I decided to join an elective called Outreach (our first Outreach in Middle School) this year and one of the field trips we went to was at Dino Papavero Senior Center. I asked an elderly lady there if she believed in Jesus and she said yes and I shared my testimony with the people there as well. I felt very nervous to do these things, but I did them with the power of God only. We also did 2 skits called, the “Unexpected Letter,” which was about Jesus conquering death and how mighty His power is, and “It’s All about Me,” which was about how we use to think it was all about us, but once Jesus died for us we had a change of heart. At school I would feel a pulling of the Holy Spirit to help others when they were down. One of them was Erika and when people were bullying her at school the Lord told me to shoot her an email that had a song called Greater. Another person was my buddy Joseph and when He was going through some things I would let him know that I would be praying for him. At Activate I have a friend in our small groups whose name is Evan and I would ask him how his walk with the Lord was going and he would say, “it's alright,” and would ask me the same question and I told him it was good. I feel that this year I have been able to communicate my faith in different ways without being scared and it is all by God’s astonishing power and
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