Outside Event Essay

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Jennifer Wilson
Julie Dorris
Humanities through the Arts
February 26, 2017

Outside Event During this semester, I have had the opportunity to broaden my view on the different aspects and knowledge of the Arts, I had and still have limited experience with aspects of fine Arts, many drama and poetry, film and other forms of the art. However, I have really enjoyed opening my limited knowledge and perspective I had on this subject and having the opportunity to learn more about this broad area of learning about humanities through the arts. I chose as my outside event women in early film, and viewed a virtual exhibit that has been both interesting and informative. I chose this event for a couple of reasons, one being I am a woman and it
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So, now the question of how they could entertain without offending anyone come into play. Films from this period have been named the "Cinema of attractions" by film scholar Tom Gunning, in part, because they treat show over narrative. The popularity of film in its first decade was for some, a cause for concern. It faced challenges to produce longer pictures, which not only would advance their profitability, but also needed to be narrative, which in turn allowed films to carry ethical and good messages. Just as women helped form early Hollywood from behind the scenes, actresses played a vital part in the progress of early film of the Hollywood star. In early Hollywood, it was self-motivated where actresses had room to learn the many ways women might be represented on film. During the early stages of the film industry, actors' names were not publicized. Though actors did want to guard and protect their privacy, when they cast nameless actors it apparently kept them from gaining enough fame to give them the power to demand higher wages and more control over their
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