Outside/ Inside vs. Lunch Money Carol Diggory Shields

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“Outside/Inside” Vs. “Lunch Money”

Two. Two What? Two artistic, meaningful, and melodic poems dummy. The cleverly crafted poem entitled “Outside/Inside” by Carol Diggory Shields describe a young child in elementary school who wants to play outside in the rain, but is not allowed to and has to color in geography maps with other classmates. The witty poem entitled “Lunch Money” Carol Diggory Shields describes a child who has asked every single one of his elders for lunch money and can only rely on his piggy bank for providing money to buy lunch at school. The two poems portray different figurative language, mood, and messages, but have some similarities including the speaker and rhyming. To begin with the figurative language between
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The child in “Lunch Money” is getting ready to go to school and every day probably relies on his parents or grandma to give him money, so he can get something to eat at school. On this day, his grandma, mom, and dad can not give him lunch money, so he turns to his back up plan. The piggy bank! This child is intelligent to have learned this at such an early age. Right now, I still sometimes rely on people and when they fail to do what I asked them to do I am stuck in a not too good position where I get blamed. The kids in both of these poems are witty and have learned lessons that some adults still can not get through their heads Subsequently, “Outside/Inside” and “Lunch Money” have their differences, but there are also a few similarities that make these poems wonderful. They have similar rhyme and the speaker is the same. In “Outside/ Inside” the rhyme scheme is aaab, while the rhyme scheme in “Lunch Money” is ab. In both of the poems Shields developed a melodic tune. Hence, causing the poems to be able to be sung and enjoyed more. In addition, the rhyme schemes in the poems also enhance the meaning of the poem and make it more appealing to the audience. A poem without rhyme is boring to me and I usually do not enjoy reading it. Subsequently, the speaker of both poems are around the same age. Both of the speakers are children, so

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