Outside Of School Research Paper

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Student's rights about free speech and expression shouldn't be limited outside of school.It also shouldn't be limited on social media either just because that's whats on their mind.It should only limit when your're inside of school just so it can keep the peaceful environment.From the center of Public Education "student's should be required to be in a peaceful environment so it can thrive" so if we limit the freedom of speech during school is taking place then the peaceful environment should stay.This should also limit negative clothing or expressions during school but when they're outside of school these actions can take place.
There shouldn't be any form of punishment to the children who say or express themselves outside of school.There is no reason for expelling or suspending a kid for doing what they want on social media or expressing themselves because it's not effecting the peaceful environment during school.This is what ACLU says "Likewise, students should be free from discipline for speaking out on issues of the day or criticizing teachers or officials".This agrees about having no punishment for kids who
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"This also states that 33 percent disagreed for this and 19 percent of that strongly disagreed.Since of this statement this proves that people want this to change and have students have their
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