Outside Of The System Unit

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Outside of the System Unit: A desktop computer consists of a system unit, a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor which all of these are considered as input devices. Input devices are devices which are used to input data into the computer or to provide data and allow the computer to process that data use it. The main function of the computer is to hold all the pieces/components together. A desktop is also large enough for upgrades such as higher quality graphics card, sound card, etc. A desktop’s purpose besides being an entertainment purpose for people or work material is to be upgraded or replace parts swiftly. What are all the buttons outside a computer anyway? The front side of the desktop contains the power button, the disk drive, an audio outlet for headphones, and a number of USB connections for flash drives/ jump drives as shown in figure 1. The backside of the desktop contains the rest of the connections – the power for the desktop to turn on, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, internet connection, and other devices shown in figure 2. There are more connections to allow for expansion for the user’s purposes. Table 1: Ports on the outside of the system unit Name of port Number Available on front Number Available on back Description of Use VGA 0 3 It is used for connecting a computer to a monitor. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array External Hard Drive 1 0 A portable storage device that can be attached to a desktop computer through a USB, Fire ware connection, or
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