Outsider Perspective : Nurse At Abington Hospital Essay

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Part A: Outsider Perspective - Nurse at Abington Hospital It smells like old people. The whole floor reeked like smelly diapers. I was dressed in my dark blue scrubs with my brand new Nike running shoes, ready to take on my ten-hour shift. Most teenagers think volunteering looks so good on their high school resumes for colleges, however, in reality, it means absolutely nothing. There was a nice looking volunteer standing at the nurses desk. She was dressed in khakis and a bright blue shirt. I went over and greeted her. She then smiled and said, “hi, I am a new volunteer and I just started today. How are you?” She automatically seemed like she had an outgoing personality. I wish we had more volunteers like her, those who genuinely love to be here instead of just coming for the hours. Afterwards, I began giving her some work to do. She was surprisingly shy at first but she adapted to the patients very quickly. She walked in the hallways as if she was completing a mission; she got all her tasks done within the first hour she was there. Let me remind you, she was here for three more hours. What more could I give her to keep her busy? I have ran out of ideas. Therefore, I began coming up with jobs for her to do. She amazed me. Every job I made up and gave her she precisely finished it and began the next on fairly quickly. It was down to the last hour. Lunchtime was over and she just finished helping all of the nurses feed the patients. She came to me with a smile as bright as

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