Outsiders Are Misunderstood

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Remember in Junior High and High School when there were groups of different people? Like the football, basketball and cheerleaders hang out in a big group, but in the other corner there are the gamers, the book smart kids and then the others that don’t fit in. So now I am asking you as a reader, what do you think? Are outsiders simply those who are misjudged or misunderstood? In my opinion, I think that the outsiders are both misunderstood and misjudged. In the story “Metamorphosis by Kafka.” Gregor Samsa was a hardworking man and always showed up for work on time and provided for his family. One morning he woke up and he knew right away that something was wrong, but didn’t know what it was. After multiply times of people knocking…show more content…
Her husband tries and tries until he comes up with a great idea to give her an invitation to a ball. She cheers up a little until she realizes she can’t afford a dress. Her husband asks how much and had given her the money to purchase herself a nice dress. She has the dress but still doesn’t feel pretty nor happy after she put the dress on. She wanted more than just the dress which was jewels but didn’t have any. Someone suggested that she should use flowers, but didn’t find happiness in the flowers. Madame Forestier offer Mathilde to borrow her diamond necklace, which gave her the emptiness that she needed to feel happy. She had a great night and was on her way home when she went to feel for the necklace but found that it was gone. She started to panic and retraced her steps but couldn’t find it anywhere. She and her husband went from jeweler to jeweler to find the exact necklace and to replace it. They worked and worked until they had paid it off and returned it to Madame Forestier. She was a little annoyed since she had got it a few weeks after the ball. Eventually she admitted to what she had done and was surprised with what she was told. She was informed that the necklace was a fake. That it was costume jewelry. In this story the Madame was an outsider towards Mathilde. Mathilde didn’t know who she was and had taken the necklace to wear for the
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