Outsourcing And The Problems Of Labor Standards

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Introduction Outsourcing has existed since many years; with the development of technology it’s easier to do business, and communicate between countries in seconds. This process involves hiring a third party to perform certain activities with more efficiency. Therefore, outsourcing is challenging for companies because they are several tasks involve in this process. For example: selecting the correct provider of outsourcing, what is the company’s goal, identifying the core and non-core business activities, defining the process that should be keep it in-house or the activities that are better to outsource, to a country that works based on the comparative advantage. Consequently the main propose of outsourcing is to lower costs, and this can cause a direct impact in labor rights. This paper will provide detailed data on the question of How does outsourcing deal the problems of labor standards? Providing specific examples of how labor standards might be affected by outsourcing. Method Outsourcing and the problems with labor Standards Outsourcing is the process of hiring functional experts to handle business units that are outside the main activity of the business of the company. Organizations use outsourcing every day to improve the products and services they provide customers. “Outsourcing worked. Using external service providers to cut costs and improve performance has become truly commonplace. As much as the popular press has focused on the debate over the benefits of
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