Outsourcing Customer Service Advantages And Disadvantages

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Outsourcing services in companies happen fairly often. However, outsourcing services have its advantages and disadvantages. This includes outsourcing customer service. Some benefits of outsourcing customer service is that it saves money by not training new employees, frees management to focus on other aspects of the company, and by using overseas to save money and have more diversity. However, disadvantage may include employees who are not trained efficiently, language difficulties which may make it harder to understand the caller, poor connection when communicating with overseas professional, and lack of security of data when not being able to control security overseas (LiveHelpNow, 2010).
Hiring and training new employees cost averagely about four thousand, one hundred and twenty-nine dollars in the year of twenty-sixteen according to a survey taken by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM, 2016). Even worse, the cost of an employee turnover rate can be an extensive about above the hiring cost depending on the occupation (SHRM, 2015). When outsourcing customer service, this can save money and cost of hiring new employees. When outsourcing, the companies go to overseas and other branches with already trained employees to save the cost of hiring new employees.
Management has many different tasks to complete and has to check over all different aspects of their company to ensure effectiveness. When a company is unable to outsource, management has to spend extra time
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