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1 Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Fundamentals 4 The Main Strategy 5 Successful Outsourcing 6 Conclusion

Outsourcing and how it can help IT Managers enhance their projects.


With computer systems / projects and there implementations getting more complex with every day that passes , the tendering of IT responsibilities to external parties is becoming more and more attractive to the IT Managers of large organisations. The common name for this type of operation is "Outsourcing". It is the attempt of this paper to explain outsourcing , it's pro's and con's and how it can help our friendly IT Manager enhance developments or implementations.


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- The IT manager should make sure that the external service provider should know exactly what is expected of them e.g. the exact services required.

- The IT manager should allow adequate time and the correct resources to the problem at hand , this is to ensure the best possible outcome from the service arrangement. - The IT manager should assign skilled staff to manage the external contractor and to monitor closely the external contractors performance.

- The IT manager should monitor and assess the contractor to ensure quality of the service not just price of the delivery of services.

The Main Strategy

In an organisation, the IT infrastructure components are comprised of a number of technical and service areas. Before going through any outsourcing decision process, the organisation needs first to assess its sourcing across the entire
IT infrastructure. Once this is done, the organisation can then determine the best sourcing strategy against a number of perspectives.

In order to determine the optimum sourcing strategy, an organisation needs to look at a number of perspectives or alternatives and then balance these perspectives with the benefits and risks of outsourcing. With this information, an organisation can derive a more structured methodology for a balanced view of the IT infrastructure and its components.

It can be stated that there is no one approach to outsourcing. However, in practice there
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