Outsourcing For A Human Resource Essay

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“WASHINGTON: A bipartisan group of six US lawmakers has introduced legislation in the Congress that would make it tough for companies to outsource their call centers overseas including India” (Economic Times, 2013). In view of the aforementioned citation, it presents an intuitive frame of reference into the principal purpose of this module one case assignment. As this case assignment will be composed of an essay that will initially specify whether or not, I as a student of this course oppose or favor outsourcing jobs overseas. Secondly, this essay will deliberate upon the pros and cons of outsourcing overseas to a developing nation. Additionally, this paper will touch upon a situation with a human resource (HR) manager by the name of Jenny. With respect to, identifying whether Jenny should focus on her current career with her company or challenge her CEO contingent upon her own personal values and principles in relation to overseas outsourcing. Moreover, this paper will highlight a few possible complications with outsourcing to India. Lastly, this case assignment will provide a handful of alternate solutions that Company XYZ could employ, in order that their employees do not have to endure a potential lay-off. Accordingly, some advice will be given to Company XYZ, which they may exploit for the purposes of saving money. Nevertheless, this paper will go into immediately enumerating my opposition of overseas outsourcing.
“Opponents of offshoring
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