Outsourcing : Human Resource Activities

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Outsourcing: This explains that in modern-day organizations there has been need to outsource some human resource activities to some other organizations to carry out. Citing Powell (Snell 1999) states that given pressures for management to be both efficiency and flexibility, firms are exploring the use of different employment modes to allocate tasks. (Snell 1999) further states that apart from having to use internal full-time employees, organizations today are increasingly depending on external workers, such as temporary employees, contract labourers etc. In this era where the world is globally evolving, due to the nature of the roles, functions and responsibilities on HR in organizations, it outsources some of its organizational activities to line managers to carry out. Although, this form of practice does not involve training, hence I will say it is quite cheap for organizations to carry out because it relieves itself from some duties but it tend to limit the capabilities of the HR practitioners in organizations i.e. instead of adopting the need to in-source, they outsource. This practice has helped in relieving HR department in organizations from heavy workloads overtime (Armstrong 2009). Human resource activities such as recruitment and selection, workers’ payroll, learning and development just to mention a few are now very much outsourced to consulting organizations to carry out and bear whatever risks involved (Taylor 2008). CIPD (2011) explains that outsourcing is
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