Outsourcing Of The American Dream

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As more and more students graduate, they begin to look for work; hoping for a job capable of paying off their debts and making their chosen degree worthwhile. In America, we are running into the problem of a lack of jobs, requiring a degree or not. From service-jobs to white-collar jobs, "...more than 14 million jobs are vulnerable to being outsources offshore." (Roberts).College graduates that are native to America are struggling to find work due to the outsourcing of jobs, in turn damaging our economy. It is common sense that the more jobs we give away, the less jobs there will be for newly college graduates to work. Although they were once known as the jobs of the "American Dream", they are now simply not American. Outsourcing used to not worry me, because I thought the jobs that were outsourced were the minimum wage, labor required jobs - but I was wrong. "These are not only call-center operators, customer service and back-office jobs, but also information technology, accounting, architecture.....etc." (Roberts). It used to be that if you spent the time and money to earn a degree, you would almost be guaranteed a job. Now days, even the jobs that require 4+ years of school are being sent overseas, leaving no hope for the new generations entering our work force. Not only is this outsourcing causing companies to lose their best employees, but also the consumers that buy their products. "Employees displaced by foreigners and left unemployed or in lower paid work have
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