Outsourcing Of The National Labor Committee Thinks Otherwise

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American companies and their products, have increasingly been pursed to be manufactured abroad. This however is one of the biggest discrepancies we confront within our economy. Although many businesses argue this is beneficial in order for them to turn a higher profit and be successful, the National Labor Committee thinks otherwise. Outsourcing has become one of the leading factors in product recalls, exploitation of workers, and a major contributor to the unemployment statistics in the US. Although outsourcing is a contributor to mass production and a products supply and demand growth, it has also been known for some of the largest product recalls. “In the largest product recall in China in 2008, the baby formula of Sanlu (the largest company in the industry by volume was found to contain melamine originated from contaminated milk supply outsourced to local farmers.” (Lu, Ng, & Tao, 2012, p. 2). Lu, Ng, & Tao simplify the term outsourcing by expressing how “Outsourcing involves contracting with external suppliers for the delivery of parts and components with pre-specified quality levels.” (Lu, Ng, & Tao, 2012, p. 2). This is a clear indication that product quality is never fully tested when outsourcing. Quality controllers are given a general guideline to aby with, and once met the product may be produced. As a consumer there is nothing more important than a products quality and reputation. It would be ethically unfair to a consumer to save their hard earned money in

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