Outsourcing The Human Resource Function

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Outsourcing the human resource function has many advantages and disadvantages for organizations. When companies operate on a global scale, outsourcing that functions adds another layer of complexity. When evaluating various options for this department, research should be performed on (a) the culture of staffing operations on foreign soil (b) the structure of the human resource function in a global organization and (c) recruiting talent for a multinational corporation needs to be performed. This document will define problems associated with outsourcing the human resource function and the impacts on recruiting. A review of different situations that provided both successful examples and unsuccessful examples will also be discussed. Finally, a critique of possible solutions to the problem will be addressed.
The Human Resources Function in a Multinational Corporation
With the increase in globalization, organizations need to alter their structure to support their operations and employees in different areas of the world. The human resources function is a critical component of any organization that needs to adapt to this increasingly complex environment (Cullen & Parboteeah, 2011). The human resources team must be able to provide for consistency across each of the business units in through systems and practices. This consistency is important in order to support the multinational corporation’s needs in recruitment, selection and development of the employees of the…
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