Outstanding Disscusion Board Princi Essay

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Guide to an Outstanding Discussion Board Thread 1. Read your assignment carefully for content related requirements. Let’s look at the example below. Note that it does not ask for a vague opinion, but requires that your answer be based upon: * Five developmental theories found in your reading assignment. * Information found in reading and presentations related to human development. * Your Christian/Other worldview – this implies that you understand your worldview and clearly define how it relates to the theories discussed. 2. Don’t forget to note your due dates. Example: Discussion Board Forum 1 Topic: We like to have things in systems and theories. It gives us a framework to work with as we try to understand…show more content…
Criteria | A (90 - 100) | B (80 - 89) | C (70 - 79) | D/F (0-69) | | | Outstanding | Proficient | Basic | Below Expectations | Score | Critical Thinking | Rich in content. Full of thought, insight and analysis. | Substantial information. Thought, insight, and analysis has taken place. | Generally competent. Information is thin and commonplace. | Rudimentary and superficial. No analysis or insight is displayed. | 95 | Connections | Clear connections - To previous or current content. - To real-life situations. | Connections are made, not really clear or too obvious. | Limited, if any connections. Vague generalities. | No connections are made. Submission is off topic. | 87 | Uniqueness | New ideas. New connections. Made with depth and detail. | New ideas or connections. Lack depth and/or detail. | Few, if any new ideas or connections. Rehash or summarize other postings. | No new ideas. "I agree with… " statement. | 85 | Timeliness | All required postings. Early in discussion. Throughout discussion. | All required postings. Some not in time for others to read and respond. | All required postings. Most at the last minute without allowing response time. | Some, or all, required postings missing. | 100 | Stylistics | Few grammatical or stylistic errors. | Several

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