Ovarian Cancer : Cancer And Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is also one of the cancer that is affecting millions of women in today’s world. The previous researches were claiming that ovarian cancer comes from ovary cells. However, studies have found that ovarian cancer could be coming from fallopian tube. Dr. Burdette’s lab researched how fallopian tube can be contributing to ovarian cancer, and her research shows strong evidence of how does it occurs. It is very important to find a cure for ovarian cancer, otherwise deaths due to ovarian cancer will keep increasing. Also, ovarian cancer has potential higher risk of causing breast cancer. Curing ovarian cancer will stop it from damaging other tissues because the hormones released from ovaries can negatively impact cell proliferation …show more content…

PAX2 is a transcription factor that is expressed in fallopian tube. Evidence has showed that loss of PAX2 could be happening in the earlier stage of ovarian cancer. Secretory cell of fallopian tube starts to lose Pax2 initially, and then there is mutation in p53 gene. Dr. Burdette’s lab collected cells from mouse oviduct (fallopian tube in women) and mouse ovaries. They knocked out Pax2 protein short hair pin RNA. When made cell lines on western blotting, they found that loss of Pax2 did not make any difference in cell proliferation and cell migration. However, when knocked out Pax2 and introduced mutation in p53 gene, they saw difference in cell proliferation. It showed increase in cell proliferation, cell migration, and colony formation. Basically, they found out that there is no effect of Pax2 in absence of p53 mutation. Dr. Burdette’s lab created two models of high grade serous cancer. One of the model showed that cells that were lacking PTEN proliferated faster. When Pax2 were re-expressed in those cells, cell proliferation reduced by many folds. Pax2 expression was found to be linked with apoptosis in cell. Women who retained Pax2 expression lives longer compared to women who does not. After finding the target of disease, it gets much easier to find out the specific drug that will target the disease. Dr. Burdette’s lab screened many compounds and found 4 compounds that has already been approved by FDA that could potential

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