Over Centuries Hundreds Of Years Dance Has Been And Always

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Over centuries hundreds of years dance has been and always will be a major part of every culture. It is used as a form of expression which incorporates many types such as art, prayer, meditation, fitness, therapy and the list goes on. Dance is not only a resource for such things, but it is also a lifestyle for many, including it in their everyday lives.

Throughout history dance was used solely for worship reasons. Dance goes as far back as the ancient Egyptian days; it’s possible it could go back even further before the history of it was even being recorded. What we do know is that there is even written passages in the bible that mention dance. Some of the verses mentioned talk about dancing with joy of the lord and dancing …show more content…

Another impactful woman was Katherine Dunham. Dunham had a serious passion for dance. Unfortunately, at the time segregation still existed and black people were not allowed into the same places as white people. When Katherine Dunham preformed at a business that features dancers, the owners were blown away and wanted her back. Before she came back she told them she wouldn’t preform until black people were allowed to sit in and watch, they liked her so much they agreed to it. Not only did Dunham break the “norm” by being one of the first black, female performers, but she also made it possible for other people who aren’t white be able to enjoy her show as well. What Dunham achieved in her lifetime is very important and helped contribute to ending segregation. These two are only two examples of how dance has helped shape society and influence many. There are many other instances where dance has played a huge role in the world.

Dances vary depending on the culture. Here in the United states we have various forms of dance, whether you’re doing the chicken dance, “whipping,” or “nay-naying,” these are all examples of modern day dances in America. We could even look back to the days where men and women went to the parlor in their greased hair and poodle skirts and danced to some ol’ time rock n’ roll. There are so many countries that have their own known dances, just like we do in the US. In one of the links

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