Over The Inhumanity In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The holocaust started in 1933. It lasted a long horrific twelve years. Almost a million jews was killed in the holocaust. The Nazi’s had created concentration camps. In the concentration camps jews were killed for no reason, and were put through rough labor and starved until death. The women and young children did not have a chance to survive they were killed upon arrival at the concentration camps. Elie Wiesel was one of the survivors from the concentration camp. He wrote a novel named Night. I’m doing my essay over the inhumanity in the novel Night, & the holocaust. The jews had to leave their homes, & move into ghettos. The ghettos houses were from families that had already been removed from their homes, & sent to the concentration camps. Elie was twelve years old when he was deported to the concentration camp. Elie, & his family as well as other families spent many hours on a train being transported to the concentration camp called Auschwitz. When Elie and his family was on the way there was this woman who would yell fire, smoke, & death on the train. Sadly the woman was beaten to death by other people on the train in the train car. On the train the was very little food and water for Elie and others to drink and eat. Little did elie, and his dad know that when they get off the train that will be the last time they see elie's mother, and sister. E;ies mom and sister was sent to the right to the gas chambers and crematorium, and elie and his dad was sent to

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