Over The Many Years Pigs Have Developed And Evolved Into

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Over the many years pigs have developed and evolved into what they are today, 30 differing species of exotic and wild hogs that we know today, all around the planet. Wild pigs, even though not native to America still pose and ecological and economic risk to the nation. Feral swine, as descendants from domestic pigs, still pose considerable challenges in population control efforts. (Ditch off 2007, P. 149) Through strict wildlife management plans, monitoring and follow through actions, we can work to strike an advantageous balance with these invasive invertebrates. Feral Hogs also referred to as there other classical names; feral swine, free roaming pigs, wild boar, wild hog, razorback, and its systematic Latin name, Sus scrofa are an…show more content…
(Sleeman 2012) All of the initial Eurasian wild boars were released on fenced properties, later, some escaped there confinement, resulting in more wild pigs throughout the environment. (Mayer and Brisbin, 2008). The life cycle of these animals entails many characteristics including disease, predation and even mortality by means of hunters. The free roaming pig population of the U.S. is at an estimated 4 million.The reproductive strategy of wild hogs predominantly in the southeastern U.S. is considered very aggressive with high frequencies, intervals and offspring.
Species Description Feral Hogs are a species that evolved in a relatively short period of time on the North American Continent. Even though there genetics are very similar if in most cases are the same to domesticated swine, there are noticeable differences. Feral swine over the current domesticated pig have will have blackish brown color, with grizzled guard hairs, a mane of hair , 8-16 cm long, running dorsally from the neck to the backend, a straight heavily tufted tail, and ears covered with hair. (NSRL 2016) Even though the physical attributes of these wild boars differ greatly from their counterparts, the characteristics of feral hogs are still very much varied, depending upon the breed of the ancestral stock. European wild hogs and feral hogs interbreed readily, with traits of European wild hogs apparently being
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