Over The Past Years, Most Public School Administrators

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Over the past years, most public school administrators have been engaged in the heated debate over whether public school students should put on school uniforms or not. This important argument has drawn the attention of both liberal thinkers and conservatives. From one far end, a section of the society feels that public school students school have the freedom to put on their clothing of choice while the other section feels that there should be uniformity in the public-school attire. Based on such contradicting opinions, there is need to focus on the issue of school uniforms in public schools. This essay seeks to provide reasons as to why public school students should wear school uniforms. Moreover, it explores the arguments and…show more content…
However, resources channeled to public schools are not fully utilized by the students since they tend to focus so much on their attire than their studies. In schools where students do not have school uniform, for instance, students tend to disregard the core reasons of going to schools. They instead concentrate on what they put on, their appearance, and the latest fashionable clothes. To ensure sanity is restored among the students, school uniforms must be introduced in all public schools. It will help in improving students’ concentration on their studies thus improving their performance (Altheide 428). Cases like inferiority complex and low self-esteem among students will reduce by significant percentage since students will not be worried about what their classmates say about them. In fact, school uniforms will be crucial when dealing with the issues of social classes and groupings among students. Using school uniforms in public schools, students will not categorize themselves or identify with certain social classes. Moreover, governments will not have to incur many expenditures on public schools without achieving the policy objectives.
Developing positive thinking among young generation especially students starts with addressing the issues that may bring segregation in schools. Issues of discrimination and judgment among students based on their body size, what they put on, among others are possible ways through which negative thinking can develop among students (Yeung
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