Over The Years There Have Been Many Different Types Or

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Over the years there have been many different types or ways to deliver reading instruction in the classroom setting. Teachers struggle to find the best thing for their students and what will benefit their students the most. Teachers have a hard time trying to figure out to make sure all their learners are met, they are working one on one with students who need and be able to manage classroom behavior. Two sisters Joan and Gail decided to come up with a framework that gives students choice and benefits their learning. Joan and Gail’s framework is The Daily Five and Café. Another popular framework is Literacy Centers. Researched in depth, the two frameworks have a lot in common but still some differences. To begin, The Daily Five was…show more content…
Students who Read to Someone, improves on fluency and comprehension skills (Boushey, 2012 (a)). Students Listen to Reading, expand their vocabulary and will become a better reader (Boushey, 2012 (a)). Finally Students who participate in Word Work, improve their vocabulary and therefore increase fluency as well (Boushey, 2012 (a)). The students choose which center will benefit their personal goal (Boushey, 2012 (b)). There are tons of benefits for this system such as: students develop independence, student accountability, classroom management is better controlled, more instructional time, and district approved curriculum. In addition to the Daily Five, the sisters created “Cafe” that goes along with it. The “Café” portion of the Daily Five was designed to act like a menu for students. This was created so the students could have a choice in their own learning. As mentioned before, the CAFÉ menu breaks down each component (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanded Vocabulary) into different ways that can benefit the student’s goals (Boushey, 2012 (b)). Most teachers display this in their classroom for their students to see. The CAFÉ menu works by letting students pick how they want to accomplish their goal. For example: a student who wants to build upon their fluency skill they could make the decision to do this by “reading
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