Over the Moon Toys: A Business Proposal

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Over the Moon Toys: A Business Proposal Executive Summary The following pages contain a financial overview and qualitative description of a proposed retail venture. A need for an independent toy store located within the confines of the municipality has been identified, with a growing number of consumers seeking alternatives to the "big-box" retailers and lower-quality merchandise. The project description provides greater detail regarding the focus of Over the Moon Toys, the proposed business, including the impetus for the creation of this business, market and sales expectations based on a qualitative analysis of the local consumer base, and a discussion of the physical location within the community that might best serve this community and the proposed business. Following this project description, a work schedule breakdown and related financial details and estimates of the project are provided. A series of relatively simple yet highly interconnected and dependent tasks will lead to the establishment of the business, which can be started for capital costs of less than $50,000 based on current estimates. A more detailed financial analysis of the proposed business costs based on advanced estimation techniques is also provided, to provide greater assurance of the reliability of the quantitative information used. Finally, projected revenues over the next five years are provided in order to establish some record of the expected profitability and likelihood of success for the

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