Over the duration of this trimester, we have been working on our projects. Well, some of us more

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Over the duration of this trimester, we have been working on our projects. Well, some of us more vigilantly than others, but nevermind that. On the last day of April, Adam Charron and I visited the Gerald R. Ford museum in downtown Grand Rapids. A quiet, stoic building amongst the bustling metropolis that is GR, we found our visit to be nearly devoid of human life. After sucking the life from a quite expensive 16oz beverage from Biggby, we passed a bronze President Ford guarding the entrance, and made our way into the museum. Greeted by a gift shop at the entrance, we promptly ignored it and paid our admission fee. (note: getting into a PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM is cheaper than a sub-par beverage). We headed up the what I presumed to be…show more content…
I shouldn’t leave you in the dark, so here is one of the excerpts we found, and the only I bothered to take a picture of: “In his last Cabinet meeting held on August 6, 1974.” That’s it. that’s the sentence. A lonely dependent clause crying on its own, with nobody to lean on. Anyway, enough on that. Weaving through the maze of exhibits, we (by that I mean I) took great joy in finding flaws and oddities that probably go unnoticed by a keen eye. Arriving at the exhibit with a replica Oval Office, Adam and I grinned at each other. We remembered your tale of the students who hopped over a boundary to gain entrance into an exhibit, and we knew what we had to do. Enjoy. (In case you are wondering, no, we did not cross any boundaries). Nearing the end of our visit, we passed a bush. Not just any bush, a PLANT. Now, what is so great about this plant? Nothing. This plant was intrinsically worthless. However, hidden in the corner, behind that worthless little plant, was a chunk of metal, which turned out to be what Adam called an I Beam (I call it metal) from the aftermath of 9/11. Yes, September 11th. In the front of the museum was a chunk of the Berlin Wall, proudly displayed for all to see. But this? Why was this here, out of sight from the general populus? Now, while I don’t necessarily have strong ties or memories of 9/11 like others, it irked me a bit to know that the way we commemorate such a thing is by hiding it. Anyway, sorry for the mini rant. All in all, we
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