Overall Average Of Grades 6-8 Students Aspire Math Content Standards By Poverty Level

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Overall Average of Grades 6-8 Student Aspire Math Content Standards by Poverty Level Math Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Non-Poverty 25.17 35.73 29.09 10.58 Poverty 27.07 35.94 27.79 8.22 The data charts above indicate that students identified as living in poverty display a pattern of lower achievement scores at Brindlee Mountain Middle when compared to classmates not considered as living in poverty. However, the gap in achievement between poverty and non-poverty students is not substantial enough to be identified as the source of the achievement gap at Brindlee Mountain Middle School. Sixth grade poverty level students at BMMS meeting or exceeding the content standard level on the 2014-2015 ACT Aspire were at or above the average for the Marshall County School District, but were below that of the neighboring city schools analyzed. Based on the data above, Brindlee Mountain Middle School and Marshall County District demonstrate lower student achievement scores when compared to the surrounding city school systems. While the Marshall County School District share the same county and geographical location as the two city systems compared, the student achievement data in the city systems is dramatically higher in middle school math. According to Haig, (2014) students in low-income environments are frequently subjected to stress associated with finances, health issues related to inadequate medical care, and nutrition issues linked to insufficient resources in the
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