Overall Coherence And Effectiveness Of The Allocation Of Tasks And Resources

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4.1 Overall coherence and effectiveness of the work plan, including appropriateness of the allocation of tasks and resources Upon commencement of her MSCA fellowship, the scholar anticipates to devote 70% of her time working on the various objectives and associated activities of the research, 20% on communication and dissemination of results and 10% on managing the various administrative aspects of the grant. During the entire two years of the project, she will be responsible for: daily management and record of the research; writing papers and reports; organisation and participation in discussion and seminars; communication with the supervisor as well as technical support staff and research assistants; and supervising undergraduate and…show more content…
Staff new to supervising research, follow an initial one-day course organised by the AU Centre for the Development of Staff and Academic Practice, which is delivered by an external trainer. All financial needs will be efficiently handled by the accounts/financial department in co-ordination with the faculty administration (further details in section 4.3). Risks that might endanger reaching the project objectives: The risks involved in the plan and plausible measures to mitigate them are discussed bellow: • Technical and strategic risks (High-level risk) - Finger millet lines available at IBERS may not show efficient germination and optimum growth as it is a tropical/sub-tropical climate crop. These may be also be insufficient to evaluate the variation in level of Ca-content. To mitigate this, the genotypes will be grown in greenhouse at optimum conditions: temperature (28±1°C day/ 23±1°C night), 70±5% relative humidity and 14h photoperiod at all times. If genomic regions associated with Ca-content are not efficiently identified using GWAS, a wider collection of genotypes will be included in the study to increase the sample size by procurement of additional germplasms from ICRISAT, India. Adequate statistical methods will be employed to overcome genetic confounding for complex genetic architectures of the trait. In case when live seed should be passed between countries, complications may arise due to the considerable regulatory permissions that would need to be
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