Overall Experience With Scenario : How Many Times Did You Run Through This Simulation?

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Scenario B: Overall Experience with Scenario: How many times did you run through this simulation? What did you learn each time? What were some of the biggest challenges? I played Scenario B seven times. Each time that I played it I tried different strategies and I tried to make adjustments each week that would result in a better score. The biggest challenge was even when I knew my some of my staff was going to get recruited after the beginning weeks, there was no way I could prepare for it without affecting my budget or timeline. What’s different about the project context in this scenario from the last one? The difference was some of my team members were recruited from another company. In addition, it was more difficult to keep my team…show more content…
If so, how? I have learned how important it is to get ahead of schedule as soon as possible that way when challenges arise the project will not be thrown off track. I had a very difficult time dealing with the three weeks of when my team was waiting for replacements. My project fell really behind and the only way I was able to recover was to go over budget. I am not sure how I am going to approach the next scenario. I will need to read through my classmate’s experiences and strategies to learn new tactics. Management Strategy: What strategies did you attempt in managing your project? What worked? What didn’t? The first time I played the scenario my team was too small and my timeline for completion was unrealistic. In the previous scenario I completed my mission on week 15. When some of my team members were recruited from a different company, I was only left with one team member. There was nothing I could do for three weeks to avoid falling behind or stressing him or her out severely. What sort of unexpected events interceded to require mid-project adjustments? What trade-offs did you have to make and at what cost? Not having the majority of my team for three weeks pretty much derailed the project and my budget. Even when I added more team members and increased the budget, we were unable to complete the mission on time. Incorporating more communication did not seem to help either. “People factors” in managing projects: How are
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