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David Cosford Unit 9 Project HW280 I feel that these skills play a crucial role in my life due to my own personal journey as a better person both physically and spiritually. As I have been reading Emotional Intelligence (D.Goleman, 1995), I find myself identifying with the sort of awareness and insights that are present and I can honestly say that I have been accused my whole life of being to emotional or deemed the sensitive one. I had a rough upbringing and I was very negative in my social life. Distant, angry but this somehow managed to help me view things differently as I matured and came into my own as a responsible adult. I was not aware that this other natural instinct was looked at as a viable form of intellect.…show more content…
Actually telling someone that things don’t always turn out as planned is met with a defiant refusal to admitting this notion. There is no diminishment in our personal attempts to stay on track when our minds have been made up. The human desire to be in control is so powerful we refuse to even admit to losing control. This way of thinking can ultimately blind the mind from accepting just how unprepared we are to see the future we want, or think we do. Following the Health Status Questionnaire, My general medical history has been pretty clean over the last twenty years. I am a non-smoker; I rarely if ever drink alcohol. There is no history of any heart problems or symptoms pertaining to any heart disease. Some additional health issues I currently face are joint problems, concerns about the safety of exercise and pains in my lower leg due to an injury I sustained in my teenage years. The health risk factors I currently face are pretty minor. I am only 35 yrs. of age with no prior history of drug and alcohol abuse, and no close relatives who suffered from any major heart problems. I am as active as I can be despite my injury that I am currently awaiting consultation for as to what can be done surgically/therapeutically. My waistline has been pretty consistent throughout my mid to late twenties. My waistline of 34 to 36 inches has fluctuated depending on my diet and seasonal activities. I currently do not take any
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