Overarching Learning Outcomes: The Ocean

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Description This SEL program seeks perform seeks to help students learn by creating an environment that fills the full scale of students needs. This unit is designed to provide opportunities for second grade students to explore and research animals in the ocean, the characteristics and features of the ocean, and how people interact within the ocean habitat in a positive or negative way. Students discover five features of the ocean floor and then create a model of the ocean floor. Students complete a map labeling continents and oceans. After playing a globe toss game and discovering how much of the earth is covered by land and water, students graph this information on a class graph. Students participate in a class demonstration to show how much of the earth is composed of fresh or salt water. As a final product, students create a guide book using Power Point for their chosen aspect of the ocean. Additionally, students will create an ocean mural incorporating ocean characteristics, animals, and human interaction in this habitat. Rationale This unit provided students the opportunity to explore and research a particular aspect of the ocean that interests them. This kind of ownership of what they research empowers students to investigate a topic in-depth. In the above mentioned activities students use specific reading strategies for comprehension, classifying and analysis skills, and synthesize research to create a guide book using Power Point. Students consistently

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