Overcome Conflict

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People face conflict every day of their lives and, most often, many different types of conflict in one day. Conflict is something that causes anxiety and fear and most often is something people want to avoid if they can. The good thing about conflict is that is forces a person to focus on the skills they have to find a solution that makes them feel good inside. How people respond to conflict depends on their understanding of the problem facing them, deciding to overcome the challenge successfully and then using brainstorming and decision making skills to actually implement a plan to overcome the conflict they are facing. Claim? All conflict situations are based upon facts and a truth. Conflicts are supported by the relationship between causes and effect; a person can usually determine very easily the outcome of every conflict if certain decision is made in how to solve the conflict. For example, a student has been invited to attend an event on the same night he knows he should study for a test. The student knows he does not know the test subject well and therefore knows he will not do well on the test if he does not study. The cause of the conflict is the test; the effect of not studying for the test is most likely going to be the student getting a poor grade on the test. The logic is very simple in this example. The student can easily foresee what will happen if he chooses not to study for the test. Conflict often have a simple truth…show more content…
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