Overcome, Or Slowly Destroy?

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Overcome, or Slowly Destroy?
(Challenges Hamlet Faces In Act 1 and 2 Of Hamlet by William Shakespeare)

In our lives there will be many obstacles that get in our way. A lot of the time you can tell a lot about a person in the way that they respond to the obstacles. Really there is only two ways that people can respond to the challenges. The first way is one of the higher standings more so, it is that of the person that fights to overcome this. They do anything to triumph over the impediment. The second way would be one of the more common routes in this situation. The second is that of just simply giving up and letting it completely break you down and crush the person that you are. In a lot of the plays written by William Shakespeare, his main characters are faced with many difficult obstructions. It is one way that he really gets his points across in these stories. He does exactly this in his play Hamlet. In the play Hamlet, the main character Hamlet has to overcome many challenges that are presented to him almost immediately in the play. One of the first challenges Hamlet is faced with is finding out that his father was actually murdered by Claudius. The reason that this could be so difficult for Hamlet is because at first everyone thought and was told that Hamlet’s father was in the garden and bit by a serpent. He only finds this out when the ghost of his father comes to him and tells him. The ghost tells Hamlet, “... The serpent that did sting thy father’s life/ Now
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