Overcome Social Problem Among Youth

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Malaysia is categorized as third world country and has received rapid growth in socioeconomic and advance technologies. The globalization makes the world become smaller and all the information could be obtained easily by clicking on the computers. World without any barrier allows cultures from other countries influence the Malaysian especially the youths. There are good and bad cultures. The social problems emerged due to bad cultures from other countries. Cultures which we do not feed into our own cultural and religious values. Most young generations cannot identify and analyse what are the good and bad things. It could be eliminate the moral values in each young generation.

The social evils that
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This statement does not mean that the youth from the low income society are not involved. This are the youth that will cause many more crime due to their addiction to drugs. The drug abuser that come from this society does not have the free flow of money as the high society youth have to they will result to other ways. Ways such as being a snatch thief, house robber, stealing cars and motorcycle. Some of them will go as far to killing people to get what they want.

Social ills among youths that occurred this period now. Accordingly, various measures should be highlighted to overcome social ills among youths. First is the role of parents. Parents should monitor and protect their children. In modern times, many parents busy with their career and leave their children without any independent oversight. Hence, monitoring of the parents is important to avoid social problems among youths. Thus, the role of communities in addressing social ills. Society plays an important role in addressing social problems. Community should not remain silent when you see something social ills that happen. It should have taken appropriate action. Happy and harmonious family is also very important to address the problem among youths. As example is eating together or watching television with family members. Having quality time with family members will be able to strengthen ties between families.

Some other way to solve this problems that occur among youths, youths need to be
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