Overcomes Hard Times in The Jilting of Granny Weatherall Essay

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Granny Weatherall Overcomes Hard Times in The Jilting of Granny Weatherall In the short story, 'The Jilting of Granny Weatherall,' an older woman is having flashbacks of her life, while she is slowly dying. Throughout her life, this woman, Granny Weatherall, has had many life altering experiences. With these experiences, she has become the strong woman that we have become to know. With a name like 'Weatherall,' one can only imagine what she has been though. Forty years earlier, Granny Weatherall became ill from not only milk leg but also double pneumonia, which she recuperated from. Granny Weatherall also had a tough time when her youngest and most favorable child died. Her daughter, Hapsy, passed away while giving birth to…show more content…
At first she begins to see her first love, George, when he is a young man. He is about the age he was when he and Granny Weatherall were going to get married. Granny Weatherall bakes a wedding cake, from scratch, nothing bought. She then takes her time rummaging through old letters from George, and John, and other old memorabilia that reminds her about her past with George. Granny Weatherall then begins to think she is talking to her daughter, Hapsy, holding her grandbaby, rocking her in the rocking chair, trying to put the baby asleep. As the priest is administrating the last rights on Granny Weatherall, she is thinking he is trying to take advantage of her while she is in the state in which she is unable to do anything about it. Granny Weatherall is a stubborn woman that is set in her ways and does not like change or surprises. She does not like admitting that she is getting old, and sometimes she needs help with things but will not ask for it. When baking the wedding cake she could not use the ingredients that Cornelia, her daughter had. She says she uses everything fresh when she is making her white cake. She has to handpick the eggs from the hens, churn the butter herself until she had heart pains. Then she asks her son to churn the butter, when she realizes she cannot do it anymore. She thinks the house has to be perfect, spotless, not a speck of dust anywhere. Granny Weatherall also thinks that the white tablecloth has to be put on

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