Overcoming Barriers to Communication

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Communication essay

There are many factors that may influence communication including environment, culture, abuse of power, drugs and alcohol, misunderstanding speech, body language, emotional difficulties, health issues and sensory factors. In health and social care settings there are strategies used to overcome these barriers. Some strategies may be more effective than others. It is important to know the strategies and be able to overcome these barriers in health and social care settings because there are many situations where communicating with a person may not be easy.
Environmental- It can be hard to communicate if there is a problem with the area such as the light, space and sound. For example it could be hard to communicate with
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If you are careful not to make assumptions about a person’s culture/religion it will help you to learn about the person and communicate more effectively.
Abuse of power- In health and social care settings it is important to empower service users. This means to enable a person to make their own choices and control their own lifestyle. For example in a residential home giving the residents a choice of what they want to eat and enabling them to walk on their own and feed themselves. When people working in health and social care settings have restricted time and are busy it may lead to abuse of power because the service provider doesn’t have the time to be patient and wait for a service user to do something on their own. People working in health and social care should seek to empower people because abuse of power can lead to learned helplessness where a person gives up doing things for themselves, low self esteem as they feel worthless and they may fail to develop. In order to empower a service user care workers must understand and value the individuals own capabilities and encourage them to keep doing the things they are capable of. Care workers must be caring to all service users and treat them with equality. They must be patient and kind to service users when
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