Overcoming Emmeline Research Paper

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involved in social movements like the abolition of slavery, hence, becoming Emmeline’s role model. Upon her walk home from school on Sunday, she passed a prison, in which part of the wall had been torn away, and saw an evident that a gibbet was removed. A sudden conviction that the hanging was a blunder stroke her. Relating to this terror, the instinct of injustice, and that something was lacking even at home, began to spark in her even as a very young child. The hazy instinct was turned into a certainty, in contradiction, through which she described it as the “incomplete ideal” she received from her socialist parents when her brother’s education was seen “as a matter of real importance,” and hers were “scarcely discussed at all.” Emmeline…show more content…
Interest quickly rose in the fourteen-year old girl, who were amazed by the speeches, especially the address done by Miss Lydia Becker. Through the persuasive speeches, Emmeline left the meeting convinced that she was “a conscious and confirmed suffragist. A year after, Emmeline went to Paris, where she pursued her higher education of girls in one of the pioneer institutions in Europe. Ran by Mlle. Marchef-Girard, who believed in the necessity for girls to have equally practical and thorough education boys received, Emmeline’s persistent character to gain equality was further shaped. After graduating and returning to Manchester at the age of eighteen, she worked for the woman-suffrage movement immediately, and came to know Dr. Pankhurst. In 1879, Emmeline became the wife of Dr. Pankhurst, and bestowed upon him four children. Moreover, with Dr. Pankhurst strong belief that society as well as families are always in need of women’s service, Emmeline continued to be involved, and served on the executive side of the Women’s Suffrage Committee. Emmeline’s energy was renewed upon the success of the committee in having Married Women’s Property Act passed in 1882
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