Overcoming Internal Barriers

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Burger King – Are They The True Leader of the Fast Food Industry? Barriers to success exist for every company regardless of how big or small they are. How a company strategizes for and responds to these barriers will determine the positioning of the company within the industry and its overall existence. To indentify potential barriers, a company must first formulate its key strategies for growth. A company can then examine itself internally and externally to identify barriers that may inhibit the realization of these key goals. For example, a company must be aware of their competition’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their strategic visions. Seemingly, the company and competition have the same target audience so it’s…show more content…
Prior to going private, Burger King rebuked the industry trend to focus on healthier alternatives and relied on servicing their long-term customers who preferred larger and generally unhealthy portions. Trying to satisfy their current customers who were actually dwindling in size at the same time the economic downturn happened, exposed how the lack of planning negatively affected financial performance by posting weaker than expected financial results during the second half of 2009. Before Mr. Hees assumed the leadership role at Burger King, the company experienced a decline in same store sales of 4.6% at the end of 2009. Consumer eating habits changed considerably during this time and it seemed as Burger King had no sustainable plan for future growth. Mr. Hees brought a new vision to Burger King and a willingness to try new things to meet the changing demands and expectations of the fast food customers. Burger King experimented with smoothies and salads and even considered a home delivery program. In 2012, while revenue declined by $300 million, same store sales increased at 3.2% which is a strong indication of customers returning. Under the new ownership of 3G Capital, Burger King has clearly identified its barriers and successfully overcome them. In my opinion, Burger King was misguided in not embracing the healthier lifestyle movement sooner and failed to focus on future
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