Overcoming My Fears To Becoming The Fear Of College Education

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many students, and does not discriminate based on age, racial, career goals or any other observable demographic characteristic. These students show an exceptional amount of fear and uncertainty about their futures and how they will achieve their goals through the college educational system. Regularly, students’ fears are created from past experiences of failure in school, which students viewed as “objective evidence of their academic inadequacy” (25). This reading has helped to overcome my fears. After reading how students felt about beginning the college life even when English might be perfect for them made me realize I am not the only afraid of English. Last summer, I signed up for public speaking at the Modesto Junior College even though I knew my English was not very good. I would have preferred to take any other class to start my American college experience, but this one was the only available to me at the time and essential to my future nursing degree. It was so terrifying the first day of class when have to speak in front of my classmates. After seeing the syllabus, I was completely sure I could not pass the class since there were so many speeches and other work required over just six short weeks. When the professor said the first assignment was to prepare a speech for over ten minutes, I felt completely lost on how I would to prepare the research, the outline and the slides and all in a second language. I was so terrified and overwhelmed, that I quit the class. I
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