Overcoming Obstacles Affecting My Educational Journey

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Throughout high school, numerous students have obstacles that they go through that end up affecting their educational journey. For myself, my hurdle was learning to cope with having a job, playing sports and being a part of school clubs all while sustaining worthy grades.
Going to school along with having a job can be arduous to balance. Working for five hours, three or four days a week can cause some hindrances. For instance, when I work until about nine on a Wednesday night and have to go home and study for two tests, it causes me to have to stay up late which consequently results in losing sleep. Even though this is a disadvantage when it comes to having a job, I've learned to adjust so that I'm able to accommodate it all. This also has permitted me to develop superior time management and multitasking skills.
All four years of high school I participated in Basketball, including Lacrosse my junior and senior year. Playing a sport requires a lot of commitment and devotion. Practicing for two hours a day, five days a week takes a great deal of my time up. This too includes playing
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I ended up joining the Yearbook Club and the Women's Empowerment Movement Club. In Yearbook, I was put in charge of writing blogs, taking photographs, and interviewing people. Yearbook also takes a lot of commitment and time. Being apart of this club has made me have to make time not only in school, but out of school in order to get my part of the job done. The Women's Empowerment Movement Club is a group of girls; including students and teachers, that gather a certain day of the week to discuss self-empowerment as a woman, create a more positive and supportive community, and also to perform charitable acts for local women's groups. Although this organization also takes a few hours of my week up, it is definitely worth the time due to the great impact it has on the school and the
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