Overcoming Obstacles For A Student

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Overcoming obstacles can be difficult for any student. As a student, I can personally tell you that some of the obstacles we face are challenging, from transferring schools, to students gossiping about one another over the internet. We may often look to our teachers, and our peers for help and guidance to overcome some of these obstacles. Then there are times when a student reaches out for guidance and it seems no one is there to help. Sometimes students may have to face obstacles on their own. That is what happened to me when I received a false grade and this is how I overcame it.
Seventh grade started. I walked into homeroom and there were my friends! I looked at the teacher and asked “where should I sit”? She smiled and said “in
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I looked at the zero on my project and left the room. I spoke to another teacher about the incident, but I was only given a lecture to take proper notes. There was another student in my class that was showing his project to a friend. I asked the student if I could see his project, and asked what was the extra part of the project the teacher wanted the class to do. He mentioned to me that he just followed the rubric, and received an eighty-nine on his project. I felt robbed, I felt hurt, and there was nothing I could do to change it. When I got home, I told my mom about the situation and surprisingly she wasn’t upset. She even apologized to me for not coming to the school when I asked her to, and let me know she will take care of it. My mom went to the school and as it turns out the report was missing to my project. The teacher overlooked it, and I got a ninety-four on my…show more content…
When an obstacle came my way, I was able to identify there was an issue, reach out to those around me, and most importantly stay positive. Everyone was right in their own way. My peers reminded me to have fun, my teacher reminded me to always listen and take notes, and my parents reminded they are there for me. This experience made me think, overcoming obstacles can be challenging for anyone. I am glad I have a good support system. Sometimes the advice I receive may seem like no one understands what I am going through, but I should listen and make the advice work for my situation. Things did not work out right away, but eventually they
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